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HOTCOE session in the Microsoft store in Tysons Corner Mall

Welcome to the Tech Skills Team of the Career Network Ministry. We bridge people's needs for meaningful employment and employer demands in personnel management, digital marketing, and business development.

We are the best at:

  1. Connecting our members/students with opportunities in the "hidden job market" through our contacts and relationships.
  2. Fostering in-depth relationships with employers that allow us to understand both current and future needs as well as the key skills and training that employers require from their job candidates.
  3. Placing people in the hottest job categories in the market. Our current focus is Data Administration, Project Management, web solutions using Drupal, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, MS SharePoint, and SEO. We continue to add to our list as we see the hottest trends.
  4. Positioning candidates to take advantage of market trends.
  5. Working on real life projects to maximize hands-on training to gain valuable practical experience.

HOTCOE stands for Hands-On Training & Career Opportunities for Everyone. We started out from a meetup group with that name. It is currently known as Tech Training & Internships.

We proudly serve:

In simple words, we are about to provide organizations with additional business or money, students with fun, and people with jobs!

Our partners are International Club in Washington, DC, The Economic Group in Michigan, and Virginia Institute of Technology in Virginia.

Make yourself at home - welcome to the Hands-On Training & Career Opprtunities for Everyone!

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